Abc Der Wirtschaft Teil 5

Barcode: 43300066 Call Number: L-GG48E Material Type: Video -VHS Time: 40 min. Language: German Description: Tape one of a five-part series includes eight five-minute segments: 1) It's All Part Of The Economy; 2) The Market And Markets; 3) The Secret Of Money; 4) Banking: From Savings Accounts To Bills Of Exchange; 5) Insurance: Sharing The Risks; 6) Stock Market And Commodity Exchanges; 7) Employment: Working, Earning, Buying; 8) Rents, Interest, Profits, Wages--Income. Transcript available. (pics/eurotel) Five-tape series of 39 five-minute segments ideal for use in business German and other intermediate and advanced German courses that stress listening comprehension and the development of technical vocabulary. Originally designed to teach German speakers basic economic concepts, this series employs authentic video scenes from daily life, animated sequences on difficult concepts and graphic explanations to explain in simple and practical ways how the economy of both a nation and an individual works. Collection: Language Resource Center