Children's Festival/ T Rkiye: 9000 Years New/ The Tree Of Life - Turkey

Barcode: 44500007 Call Number: L-NT08 Material Type: Video -VHS Time: 53 min. Language: Turkish Description: Excerpts from the performance of Turkish Children Folk Dance Group in the International Children's Festival which is held every year in Ankara. A TRT production. (International Turkish Video And Film Center, 1992) A brief, touristic overview scanning historical sites such as Cappedocia, Ephesus, Perge, Anatalya, And Alanya.. Final sequence of Instanbul - mosques, bazaar. The theme of trees - and flowers - representing eternal life wends its way through reenacted sequences. The language of flowers and the meaning of various colors is shown primarily through embroidered motifs. A regional wedding is featured in detail with careful explanations of the events for five days. The conclusion includes a bit about rug weaving, village architecture - all with tree/flower emblems, tombstones, and an odd juxtaposition of modern and traditional daily women's chores. TRT production, courtesy of Voice Of Anatolia Inc. (International Turkish Video And Film Center, 1992) Collection: Language Resource Center