Ballad Of Wood/ Legend Of Uslu

Barcode: 44500009 Call Number: L-NT10 Material Type: Video -VHS Time: 54 min. Language: Turkish Description: From Old Houses, Old Masters series, this film pauses to document various building types in the Western Black Sea region of Turkey with rather lyrical English narration. Wandering from Demirkoy to Boyabat, Sinop, Gerze Safranbolu, and finally Tokat and Masya, various architectural styles are viewed such as dovetailed logs, timberframes filled with mudbrick, the decorative carvings, slate roofs and the unique red ochre paints. Interviews with octogenarian and nonagenarian craftsman offer personalization. (International Turkish Video And Film Center, 1987)this lyrical video focuses on the continuity of tradition as exemplified in a counterpoint to an archeological dig of pottery shards and contemporary pottery scenes of the small remote village of Uslu and of the complete pottery process. (International Turkish Video And Film Center, 1987) Collection: Language Resource Center