A Dream - The River Dnipro

Barcode: 46600017 Call Number: L-SU16 Material Type: Video -VHS Time: 60 min. Language: Ukrainian Description: Powerful description of the disastrous ecological situation of the Dnipro river and surrounding areas. Inhabitants describe the effects of artificial flooding, land erosion, rapid technological growth and bureaucratic mismanagement on their lives. Describes how young people have abandoned life on the collective farms in search of a more promising life in the cities and towns, leaving only the old and the handicapped on the farms. Present Day Kupalo (ancient water ritual) celebrations are observed alongside popular rock and roll dancing. Aerial views of the panoramic Dnipro landscapes. The film opens with a quoting from the narrative poem "a dream" by Shevchenko. (Bukovsky, Documentary Film Studio, Kiev, 1988) Collection: Language Resource Center