Galaktionovych/ Braty Hadiukiny/ The Village Of Little Idlers

Barcode: 46600018 Call Number: L-SU17 Material Type: Video -VHS Time: 46 min. Language: Ukrainian Description: (Weight Lifter Pf Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky) This Short Film Is A Comic Character Sketch Of An Interesting Ukrainian Small-Town Man, Who Is Both Pastry Cook And A Weight Lifter. Galaktionovych Is A Great Storyteller With A Good Sense Of Humor. (Koval, 1988) Snake Brothers Rock Band) Features The Lviv Rock Group Singing About Food Problems, America And Mcdonald's. The Film Begins With The Leader Of The Group, Serhii Kuzminsky, Singing, "Mishku! Vvazhail!" (Gorby! Watch Out!) (Bukovsky, 1990) A Sister And Brother Describe Life On A Contemporary Collective Farm In The Ukraine. (Tereshchenko, 1989) Collection: Language Resource Center