Alif Noon / Alif Nun

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Barcode: 58924873 Call Number: V-HIN 024 Material Type: Video -DVD System Requirements: all regions Language: Urdu Creator: Directed by Kamal Ahmed Rizvi Description: The memorable performances by the famous pair of their times - Allan Nanna, has made this drama immortal. Rafi Khawar known as Nanna played a role of a very simple and innocent guy who always spoke the truth no matter it cost him to loose any business that his friend Allan - Kamal Ahmed Rizvi used to start for their living. This DVD includes 7 selected episodes of "Alif Noon", a short program on "Rafi Khawar (Nanna) ki Yaad Mein" and "Allan Nanna - on stage". Cast: Rafi Khawar (Nanna), Kamal Ahmed Rizvi and many more. Collection: Language Resource Center