101-kai me no puropozu = 101 Proposals / 101st Marriage Proposal

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Barcode: 58925311 Call Number: V-JPN 001C Material Type: Video -DVD Date: c1991 System Requirements: NTSC, Region 1 Language: Japanese Creator: Directed by Yoshiaki Yamada Description: A young man has problems finding his true love. His brother tries to help him out but to no avail. It seemed as though this man would be on the brink of major depression, until he meets a beautiful young lady. This drama follows their relationships and the people who surround them. I swear! After fifty years, my love for you will not change!" A remarkable saying by the main character, Tatsuro. Tatsuro is an ordinary person who is not so handsome and rich. Kaoru and Tatsurou were introduced to marry. But Kaoru declines Tatsurou's proposal. Tatsuo has been declined his proposals 99 times and it is the 100th. Kaoru can't forget her fiancé who is dead. Tatsurou makes up his mind to make her turn to him, but finally gives up. But after that Kaoru notices how seriously Tatsurou loved her and she proposes him to marry her. Collection: Language Resource Center