The Yearning - Menavor Enkuzeni

Barcode: 58925448 Call Number: L-NAM20 Material Type: Video -VHS Time: 137 min. Date: c1990 System Requirements: NTSC Language: Armenian Creator: Frunze Dovlatyan Description: During the 1915 Genocide, many Armenian fled to Eastern Armenia looking for help and relief from Russia. Several years later the new Communist rulers "donated" a huge chunk of Armenian land to Ottoman Turkey, thus cutting any hopes for Armenians to revive their old cities and villages. Arakel Aloyan is one of the Armenians who witnessed his village burnt and women raped, fled to the East to begin a new life in Soviet Armenia... but still yearns for his home village that is now in Turkey. Nostalgia makes him to cross the Soviet border to visit the tombs of his parents, to kiss the remaining walls of the church. The Soviet government considers that as "Spying against the Nation". Collection: Language Resource Center