Anoush - Anush, Anoush Opera

Barcode: 58925449 Call Number: L-NAM21 Material Type: Video -VHS Time: 140 min. Date: c1999 System Requirements: NTSC Language: Armenian Creator: Tigran Levonian Description: Anush, a mountain girl in 19th century Armenia, is in love with the shepherd Saro. Anush's brother becomes enraged after being knocked down by Saro during a wrestling match and challenges Saro to a real fight, with tragic consequences for the young couple. Armen Tigranian was born in 1879 in Alexandropol (Gumri), and died in 1950. He was educated in Tibilis, where in 1887 he won an audition for admission to the conservatory. After the 1905 revolution, when the Armenian schools were reopened by the Czarist regime, Tigranian became a music teacher. It was at this that he became acquainted with the text of Hovhannes Toumanian's Anoush, and was inspired to write a national opera. The actual composition was started in 1908 and finished in 1912, when it was first performed. But the opera as we know it is the result of periodic changes and elaborations not actually completed until 1938. Performed by National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet of Armenia January 23 1999, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles. Collection: Language Resource Center