Abeltje - The flying liftboy

Barcode: 58925505 Call Number: L-GDu71 Material Type: Video -VHS Time: 105 min. Date: c1998 Language: Dutch Creator: Ben Sombogaart Description: Kids' film about Abel Roef (11) who gets a job in the boring town of Middelum as liftboy at the Knots department store. Things go wrong on the very first day. Abel presses the wrong button and flies through the roof into the wide world with three lift passengers: his ex-girlfriend Laura, the singing teacher Miss Klaterhoen and the mothball salesman Mr Tump. The lift finally lands in New York City and Abel joins his passengers in a maelstrom of adventures. He just manages to escape from being kidnapped, becomes embroiled in a coup in Perugona and finally lands up in jail after being suspected of espionage. Abeltje is based on the book by Annie M.G. Schmidt. Collection: Language Resource Center