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Barcode: 58944844 Call Number: V-HIN 046 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 121 min. Date: c1969 System Requirements: NTSC, Region 1 DVD Region: Region 1 Language: Hindi Creator: Directed by Lekh Tandon Description: In this age of nuclear tensions it is perhaps relevant to remind ourselves of those elements in our past which have striven for the ideals of peace and democracy. The Prince of peace was Guatama, the Buddha and the cradle of democracy in India was the republic of Vaishali. The was no slavery the women were fully emancipated. It was a time- the fifth centry BC - when the arts flourished. The symbol of the vitality of Vaishali was Amraphali, elected Court Dancer by the people and called the "Bride of the City". For her beauty was adored by thousands. Guatam- the Buddha walked this earth spreading enlightenment with his message of love and peace. But his preachings were unheeded by Ajatshatru, the mighty warring, King of Magadha who flaunting even his mother's implorings, waged an unprovoked war on Vaishali. The tide of time turned against Ajatshatru causing him humiliating defeat. Woudned, Ajatshatru ran for his life fromthe battlefield and unltimately took refuged in a Vaishali village now disguised as a Vaishali slodier. It is Amrapali who nursed him... Starring Sunil Dutt, Vyjantimala, Premnath, and KN Singh. Collection: Language Resource Center