A la Sombra de la RevoluciĆ³n = In the Shadow of the Revolution

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Barcode: 58945387 Call Number: V-SPA 126 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 45 min. Date: 2004 Language: Spanish Description: Memory of Spain is a series documentary produced entirely by Spanish Radio and Television in the year 2004 , which tells in twenty - seven episodes (distributed in fourteen different volumes) the history of the Spanish people from its origins in prehistory to the attacks in Madrid of 11M in the Age contemporary , briefly passing by the very creation of the universe it makes 13,700 million years. In the Shadow of the Revolution: The Monarchy of Carlos IV: Life in the Court. The palace intrigues. Godoy, the King's favorite. The impact of the French revolution. War with France and Alliance changes. Napoleon's puppets. The Trafalgar disaster. The American colonies. Collection: Language Resource Center