Ghare-Baire: The Home and the World

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Barcode: 58945500 Call Number: V-BEN 007 Material Type: Video -DVD Date: 1984 System Requirements: NTSC, Region 1 Language: Bengali Creator: Directed by Satyajit Ray Description: When the movie opens, a woman is recalling the events that molded her perspective on the world. Years ago, her husband, a wealthy Western-educated landowner, challenged tradition by providing her with schooling, and inviting her out of the seclusion in which married women were kept, to the consternation of more conservative relatives. Meeting her husband's visiting friend from college, a leader of an economic rebellion against the British, she takes up his political cause, despite her husbands warnings. As the story progresses, the relationship between the woman and the visitor becomes more than platonic, and the political battles, pitting rich against poor and Hindu against Moslem, turn out not to be quite as simple as she had first thought. Collection: Language Resource Center