Dem Khazn's Zindl = The Cantor's Son

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Barcode: 58945937 Call Number: International Jewry Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 90 min. Date: c1937 System Requirements: NTSC Language: Yiddish Creator: Directed by lya Motyleff Description: Based on the life of its star, Moishe Oysher, this is the story of a Jewish lad who leaves his native Belz with a troupe of wandering performers. The talented youth, now an adult, reaches the shores of America, but is barely able to subsist. After landing a job as a custodian, he is discovered as having an unusually fine voice and he gains immediate fame. That success, though, seems meaningless as he longs to return home to Eastern Europe to celebrate his parents’ Golden anniversary. Subjects: International Jewry, Yiddish, Cantor, Moishe Oysher, American Jewery Collection: Martin Salinger Resource Collection