God, Man and Devil

Barcode: 58945941 Call Number: International Jewry Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 100 min. Date: 1949, 2006 Language: Yiddish Creator: Directed by Joseph Seiden Description: A wager between God and Satan has dire consequences in this allegory about the material world’s false promises. Beware when money sounds sweeter than music, it cautions; those who win lotteries stand to lose all, including their spiritual treasures -- their families, communities, and religion. Poor, pious Torah scribe Hershele Dubrovner has a life that glorifies God until Satan, disguised as a business partner, turns him into a greedy, dishonest factory owner whose success desecrates both his religion and his community. Betrayal and abandonment replace serenity and familiarity; the instruments of good fortune become instruments of death. Not even music -- previously Hershele’s joy -- can heal these rifts. Only death resolves. Subjects: International Jewry Collection: Martin Salinger Resource Collection