Father Language = La Lingua Del Padre

Barcode: 58946737 Call Number: International Jewry Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 50 min. Date: c2006 System Requirements: NTSC, Region 1 DVD Region: Region 1 Language: Hebrew/Ladino/ English subtitles Creator: Directed by Rami Kimchi Description: Presents a portrait of Jacko (86), father of the director, Rami Kimchi. Jacko was an English teacher born in Alexandria, Egypt. The film focuses on his study period at the Sephardic Rabbincial Seminary in Rhodes -- an institution that constituted the last project of Sephardic Jewry in the Mediterranean region. Subjects: International Jewry, Sephardim-Mizrahim in Israel, Sephardic History, Jewish religion, Jewish Family, Ladino language, Ladino culture, Ladino songs. Collection: Martin Salinger Resource Collection