Nash Lviv = Our Lvi

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Barcode: 58949360 Call Number: V-UKR 010 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 100 min. Date: c2007 System Requirements: PAL, Region 2 DVD Region: Region 2 Language: Ukrainian Description: Lviv, at to me, is one of those cities that you, having visited it once, will never forget – and will fall in love with it forever. You will come to love these courts, pavement, polite until recently streetcars of Rus’ka street... Early in the morning, in this transparent and a bit tart silence, with the first sounds of dawn, in the air slightly moist and fresh after the night – Lviv is indescribably beautiful. Its stones breathe so distinctly and deeply that you believe: you only need to take off your shoes and walk along these streets barefoot – and the city will tell you something so... actually, when you believe – you do it, and that is exactly how it happens. At a certain instant you feel that history is not dead, it is all at once, both the past and present, taking place just here and now. And that is for me – though I am not therefrom... Thus, to say nothing about Lviv residents – their love to their city is well-known, and something new, talented, inspired, wonderful is constantly born from it. Creative. So – stories about Lviv to your attention, told by its children, who have become famous all over the country, or even all through the whole world.. Collection: Language Resource Center