Tagalog (Pilipino) Made nice & easy

Barcode: 58949777 Call Number: IL-TAG Rea Material Type: Print Date: c2001 Language: Tagalog, English Description: Whether traveling to a foreign country or to your favorite international restaurant, these Nice & Easy guides give you just enough of the language to get around and be understood. If you expect to travel to the Philippines, the compact overview on the country's history and relevant up-to-date facts will make your trip more informative and enjoyable. Photos of many sites included. The book contains useful words and phrases, popular expressions, common greetings, and words for numbers, money, and time with accompanying pronunciations. This guide is based on the language course developed by the U.S. Government for foreign service personnel assigned abroad often on short notice and requiring quick orientation. By keeping this handy and compact guide with you, you'll be well prepared to understand as well as converse in Tagalog. Collection: Language Resource Center