Lyari King Live

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Barcode: 58950057 Call Number: V-HIN 126 Material Type: Video -DVD System Requirements: NTSC, Region 1 DVD Region: Region 1 Language: Urdu Creator: Directed by Kamran Akbar Khan Description: A spoof of CNN's Larry King Live!, Ismail Tara brings to life Larry's Pakistani counterpart, Lyari King with much the same seriousness (not really), thought provoking discussions (just kidding) and most important of all, the celebrities that we would all like to get to know better. All 6 episodes are hilarious with Lalo Prasad and Dracula episodes being exceptional. Lyari King's studio, the whole set including the mug in Ismail Tara's hand is also a close imitation of Larry King Live and adds value to the comedy talk show. This is your chance to revisit history…the royal way! Join the king of kongs as he dissects, deflates, and disfigures the historical figures in his inimitable style! Ismail Tara as Lyari King. Subjects: Comedy Collection: Language Resource Center