A Woman with a Bad Reputation / Notorious Woman

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Barcode: 58953569 Call Number: V-ARA 130 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 103 min Date: 1973 Language: Arabic Creator: Directed by Henry Barakat Description: The main actress is Shams al-Baroudi. A young man asks his wife to dance with his boss at a party. The woman gets into an affair with the boss and commits infidelity. Her marriage dissolves and her life worsens. Her son has an illness, so the wife is forced to accept gifts from the boss. Lisa Anderson of the Chicago Tribune. uses the film as an example of more liberal filmmaking in Egypt prior to an increase in social conservatism in society. At the party in the beginning of the film, the women wear hot pants and miniskirts. The partygoers dance, smoke cigarettes, and drink alcohol. None of the women are in hijab. Subjects: Drama Collection: Language Resource Center