A la recherche d'un emploi: Business French in a Communicative Context

Barcode: 58953843 Call Number: French Textbook Material Type: Print-Text/Workbook Language: French Description: Review A la recherche d'un emploi definitely fills a tremendous void in the field of business French. With a wealth of information and activities, this textbook provides students and instructors with an engaging and in-depth introduction to the major aspects of using French in a professional context. Of particular interest is the incorporation of la Francophonie and the European Union, two critical topics rarely presented in other business French textbooks. Anyone intending to seek employment in a French-speaking country or region will benefit greatly from the content and guidance that this text provides. --Will Thompson, University of Memphis Finally, a textbook for Business French that actually prepares students for the real world and today's tough job market . Amy Hubbell's A la recherche d'un emploi: Business French in a Communicative Context' is extremely well designed and planned. The layout of the CV and cover letter activities are clear, clean and concise and I particularly like the fact that there are comparison activities (i.e. French vs. American vs. Quebecois CV) with on-target comprehension questions for reading selections. Students are certain to appreciate the practical nature of this text which is creatively presented in an up-to-date format. Amy Hubbell's text is a welcome addition to the field. --Eileen Angelini, Canisius College Product Description Focused on communicative and contextualized activities, this text uses authentic materials and examples to prepare students for their careers. Through use of video and audio exercises, the text further fosters students' oral proficiency. Upon completion of the text, students will have created a personalized job portfolio that can be immediately used as a model when entering the Francophone job market. Collection: Language Resource Center