A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar 日本語文法辞典

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Barcode: 58954130 Call Number: BP-008 Material Type: Print-Reference Date: 2008 Language: Japanese, English Description: This third volume in the widely acclaimed, best-selling Japanese grammar dictionary series introduces students to advanced-level Japanese grammar. The book offers approximately 230 key grammar items with extensive explanations in both English and Japanese. A great supplement and comprehensive resource, especially for reading advanced-level materials such as newspapers, professional journals, technical/business/legal documents, academic papers, and literature. Contents: Special topics include adjective classification in Japanese, interpretations of N1 no N2, concepts of politeness and formality, meanings of rhetorical questions, metaphorical expressions, and number marking in Japanese. Main Entries were selected by examining upper-level materials, and offer detailed explanations of meaning and usage, several examples of authentic usage per entry, and in-depth comparisons between the target expression and expressions similar to it in meaning or form. English and Japanese indexes allows for easy reference. The Japanese index also refers to all main entries and related expressions within all three volumes of the series. Collection: Language Resource Center