A Feast for the Tongue : Forty servings of spoken Tamil with helpings of equally spoken English

Barcode: 58956730 Call Number: IL-TAM Ram Material Type: Print Date: 2002 Language: Tamil Creator: Dr. K V Ramakoti and Thomas H Pruiksma Description: A Feast for the Tongue is a book for students who wish to speak fluent, idiomatic, and colloquial Tamil. It offers a way to taste the sweetness of this living classical language. Divided into three parts, it provides students with an introduction to key grammatical points, an annotated vocabulary for spoken Tamil, and an English to Tamil index. The entries of the vocabulary include idioms, sentences, proverbs, and other examples of how words are used in everyday speech, paired with samplings of equally colloquial American English. Not only American students of spoken Tamil, but also Tamil students of spoken English will find this book an essential guide for giving delight to the tongue. Collection: Language Resource Center