A la rencontre de Philippe: Student Activities Workbook

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Barcode: 58956935 Material Type: Print-Text/Workbook Language: French Description: This interactive program, intended for language laboratory and classroom use, is designed to improve and expand students' comprehension of spoken French. The videodisc, filmed in Paris, presents the story of Philippe, a young journalist who is looking for a new apartment. With this interactive program, students help Philippe in his search, meeting Parisians, exploring Paris, learning to use French phones and answering machines, and reading "les petites annonces." Depending on their responses and actions, students become involved in entirely different versions of the story, and they are constantly engaged in the language-learning process. A la rencontre de Philippe has been tested extensively and has been honoured by awards from EDUCOM, the Association for Visual Communicators, the International Interactive Communications Society, the Nebraska Videodisc Competition and the Innovalangues Competition in Paris. Collection: Language Resource Center