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Barcode: 58957167 Call Number: V-PUN 021 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 138 min. Date: 2013 System Requirements: NTSC, Region 1 Language: Punjabi Creator: Directed by Amitoj Mann Description: Haani is the story of these true men of the soil, the Jatts who are defined by their simplicity, honesty, courage, good looks and above all - for honoring their commitments lifelong, be it for love, friendship or even enmity. Haani is a romantic saga spanning two different generations of a family. It tells the story of love, friendship and honor immortalized by commitment. The film simultaneously narrates 2 plots. Ranjit (Harbhajan) and Jagga (Sarabjit) are best friends in 1964 where Ranjit falls for Sukhaan (Mahreen) and loves her to death. Other plot involves Harman (Anuj) and Preet's (Sonia) love story in 2013. Somehow fate connects these love stories together. Collection: Language Resource Center