A Stranger Among Us

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Barcode: 58957349 Call Number: Jewish Experience in America Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 110 min. Date: 1992 System Requirements: NTSC, Region 1 Language: English Creator: Directed by Sidney Lumet Description: A Stranger Among Us explores the mysteries of Hasidic Judaism through the eyes of an outsider - a gentile police detective - who enters this reclusive society to investigate a murder. Melanie Griffith stars as Emily Eden, a tough New York City Police detective assigned to solve the murder of a Hasidic diamond merchant from Brooklyn. While working undercover as a member of the community, Detective Eden is coached by a rabbi's son in the ways of his people to help her maintain her cover. Soon, however, the attraction between these two opposites sends sparks flying. As the pressure to solve the case intensifies, so does their illicit relationship. Rating/Audience (Video Only): MPAA rating: PG-13 Subjects: Jewish Experience in America Collection: Martin Salinger Resource Collection