5 seratim shel Ram Levi = סרטים של רם לוי = 5 Films by Ram Loevy : Lehem = Bread; Keter ba-rosh = Crowned; Indiani Ba'Shemesh = Indian in the Sun; ha-Kalah ve-tsayad ha-parparim = The Bride and the Butterfly Hunter; Khirbet Khizeh

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Barcode: 58957568 Call Number: V-HEB 155 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 296 min. Date: 2009 System Requirements: NTSC, Region 1 Language: Hebrew Creator: Directed by Ram Loevy = רשות השידור Description: "Leḥem [Bread]: A family of a bakery-worker in a small town in the Israeli desert fights to survive. [84 min] Keṭer ba-rosh [Crowned]: Serious comedy based on a play by Yaakov Shabtai. King David confronts the most difficult task of his reign - how to give up his throne. [70 min] Indyani ba-shemesh [Indian in the Sun]: Story about a power struggle between a captive soldier of Indian origin and an Ashkenazi soldier who takes him to prison. [50 min] ha-Kalah ve-tsayad ha-parparim [The Bride and the Butterfly Hunter]: Set in a garden, the play has two characters: a once-a-week almost-butterfly hunter, and a bride whose groom seems to have gone AWOL. [44 min] Ḥirbet ḥizʻah [Khirbet Khizeh]: Based on S. Yizhar's 1949 novella of the same name, this television drama portrays the violent expulsion of Palestinian villagers by the Israeli army during the 1948 Israeli-Arab war. The film created a public uproar when it was scheduled to be shown on Israeli television. The government tried to block the broadcast, and the film was aired only after the intervention of the Israeli Supreme Court. The drama marks an important milestone in the emergence of critique within Israel of the role played by Israel in the conflict with Palestinians. [48 min]" - WorldCat Collection: Language Resource Center