Dokhtaran Khorshid / Dakhtaran-e khorshid = Daughters of the Sun

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Barcode: 58957575 Call Number: DV-PER 006 Material Type: Video -Digital Time: 92 min. Date: 2000 Language: Persian - Farsi Creator: Directed by Maryam Shahriar Description: "Amanagol (Altinay Ghelich Taghani), the daughter of a poor rural family in Iran, becomes "Aman," when her father shaves her head, disguises her as a boy, and dispatches her to another village to work weaving carpets. Proficient at the job, "Aman" is nonetheless exploited by the owner and isolated from all those around her. Her secret becomes jeopardized when a young co-worker, engaged to an older man, falls in love with her." - cover Collection: Language Resource Center