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Barcode: 58958748 Call Number: V-WOL 001 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 90 min Date: c1968, c2005 System Requirements: Region 1 DVD Language: Wolof Creator: Directed by Ousmane Sembene Description: "Sembene's second feature unlocked for the first time the complex daily world of modern Africa. This story of a man who receieves a money order and, in his attempts to cash it, encounters an intimidating barrage of Third World bureaucracy, becomes a witty, masterful portrait of an ancient civilization in the throes of change. Receiving the dubious windfall at first seems a blessing to Ibrahima Diengg, who lives with his two wives and their seven children. However, as the tale unfolds, the seemingly easy transaction threatens to destroy the traditional fabric of his life. Quickly, the whole neighborhood becomes aware of it, the wives buy provisions on credit, their parents ask for a share and people try to extort him for money- all the while, his attempts to cash the piece of paper turn futile. Mandabi is a warm, subtle comedy with a series of visual revelations about a civilzation struggling to recapture its own rich heritage after a century of colonial corruption. " --Cover Collection: Language Resource Center