The White-Haired Girl = Bai mao nĂ¼

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Barcode: 58962035 Call Number: Q-AC069 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 111 min Language: Chinese - Mandarin Creator: Dir. Bin Wang Description: In this story taking place in a remote village of South China during the 1930s, Yang Bailao, a poor peasant, has a daughter, Xi'er, who falls in love with a young peasant. But Huang Shiren, a local landlord, attracted by the beauty of Xi'er, tries to force Yang Bailao to give him his daughter in order to settle a debt. The father refuses and is forced to commit suicide, after which his daughter is raped by the landlord. She escapes into a deep forest, where her hair quickly turns grey. Only after liberation can she revenge her father and have a new life. Rating/Audience (Video Only): NR Collection: Language Resource Center