Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Långstrump (Pippi Longstocking): På rymmen med (Pippi on the Run) and På de sju haven (Pippi in the South Seas)

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Barcode: 58963239 Call Number: V-SWE 045 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 180 min Date: 1970 System Requirements: Region 2 Language: Swedish, Norwegian Creator: Directed by Olle Hellbom Description: På rymmen med (Pippi on the Run): Fed up with their strict parents, Tommy and Annika run away from home, with their friend Pippi Longstocking to look after them in their long trek. På de sju haven (Pippi in the South Seas): With the help of her friends Tommy and Annika, Pippi Longstocking ventures to the South Pacific island Porto Piluse to rescue her father, who was captured by ruthless pirates. Rating/Audience (Video Only): G Collection: Language Resource Center