Die wilden Hühner auf Klassenfahrt

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Barcode: 58965151 Call Number: FR-GER Fun Material Type: Print Date: 1996, 2011 Language: German Creator: Cornelia Funke Description: "THE WILD CHICKS: CLASS TRIP follows our favorite rival gangs as they go on an overnight school adventure. The Wild Chicks and the Pygmies have had a truce since the end of the first book, but at the beginning of CLASS TRIP, the Pygmies declare their truce invalid outside their hometown, and the mischief begins again! In addition to its merry mischief, CLASS TRIP touches on issues that are still as relevant for middle-grades readers as they were when the books were first published in Germany: a new girl wants to join their tightly knit group, one of the Wild Chicks deals with divorcing parents, and others begin to have their first real crushes" -- Amazon Collection: Language Resource Center