Die Quelle unserer Macht : Gedichte

Barcode: 58965490 Call Number: FR-GER Lor Material Type: Print Date: 1988, 1994, 2020 Language: German, English Creator: Audre Lorde ; Translated by Marion Kraft and Sigrid Markmann Description: "Audre Lorde compiled this selection of her lyrical oeuvre herself shortly before her death, during her last stay in Berlin in 1992. Her poems span the lives of black women in West Africa, South Africa, in the diaspora of Europe and North America as well as the diverse struggle for self-assertion, against violence and for the vision of a new, livable world. Love and passion between women, the unreserved exploration of differences as a creative force, the longing for unity with her mother stand alongside biting criticism of politics and society. Anger over the abuse of power and the personal, painful and courageous tightrope walk between life and death sharpened the author's focus on the essentials." -- translated from fembooks Collection: Language Resource Center