The Painted Bird

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Barcode: 58965681 Material Type: Video -Digital Date: 2019 Language: Czech AND Russian AND German Creator: Directed by Václav Marhoul Description: "In an unidentified area of war-torn Eastern Europe, a young boy lives with his elderly aunt. Startled at her death, the boy accidentally sets the house ablaze and leaves. His further adventures are a series of horrific encounters with ignorance, exploitation, and depravity. In the first village he reaches, an old healer buys him, but he is later blamed for bad luck and thrown in a river. He is next taken in by a miller and his wife. After the miller gouges out the eyes of a younger man seen exchanging glances with his wife, the boy runs off. He meets Lekh, a bird breeder who treats him well. Lekh has sex with a wild woman whom local village women brutally rape, after which Lekh hangs himself. The boy leaves." - Wikipedia