Here Comes Everybody : the Power of Organizing Without Organizations

cover image Barcode: 58963774 Call Number: LRC Staff 1207 Material Type: Print Language: English Creator: Clay Shirky Description: "A revelatory examination of how the wildfirelike spread of new forms of social interaction enabled by technology is changing the way humans form groups and exist within them, with profound long-term economic and social effects-for good and for ill." -Book Depository Collection: LRC Staff Collection

Chasse-galerie: la légende = Wild Run: The Legend

cover image Barcode: 58963775 Call Number: Q-RF257 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 109 min. System Requirements: NTSC, Region 1 Language: French Creator: Directed by Jean-Philippe Duval Collection: Language Resource Center

Perspective on Professionalism

Barcode: 58963764 Material Type: Video -Digital Time: 39 mins. Creator: Joan Morley Description: Joan Morley addresses the TESOL 1995 luncheon and turns her attention to some important issues in TESOL, the profession, and TESOL, the organization. Collection: Language Resource Center


Barcode: 58963765 Call Number: DL-E03-H&U/N Material Type: Video -Digital Time: 42 mins. Language: English Description: Poor visual and audio quality. A man gives a lecture on common themes in the English language. Collection: Language Resource Center

Returning Refugees: Rolf Wolfswinkel With Miep Gies

Barcode: 58963767 Call Number: DL-GDu37 Material Type: Video -Digital Time: 82 min. Language: Dutch Creator: Rolf Wolfswinkel Description: Rolf Wolfswinkel interviews Miep Gies. Collection: Language Resource Center

Conversation With Mia Meijer

Barcode: 58963768 Call Number: DL-GDu30 Material Type: Video -Digital Time: 67 min. Language: Dutch Creator: Ton Broos Description: In an interview with Ton Broos, Mia Meijer discusses her work in writing for film and video. Collection: Language Resource Center

Il mestiere delle armi = The Profession of Arms

cover image Barcode: 58963769 Call Number: DQ-RI222 Material Type: Video -Digital Time: 100 min. DVD Region: 2 Language: Italian Creator: Ermanno Olmi Description: The history of the first victim of modern artillery and its moving agony, amidst conspiracies and betrayals of the powerful. Life and death of Giovanni De' Medici, a young brave captain in the war of Charles V against the Pope, in the first half of 1500. Collection: Language Resource Center

Interview With Graa Boomsma

Barcode: 58963770 Call Number: DL-GDu16 Material Type: Video -Digital Time: 75 min. Language: Dutch Creator: Ton Broos Description: An interview with University Of Michigan Dutch Writer In Residence, 1988-89, Graa Boomsma by Ton Broos. (Lab, 1989) Collection: Language Resource Center

Ana Min El Yhoud = Ana Min Al Yahud = I'm One of the Jews

cover image Barcode: 58963753 Call Number: Q-NH161 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 17 min. System Requirements: PAL Region 1 Language: Hebrew AND Arabic Creator: Aharon Shem et. al. Niv Hachlili Description: "A young teacher becomes possessed by his dead grandfather, who forces him to choose between his Iraqi Arabic Jewish family identity and his life as an Israeli ignoring the past." - IMDB Collection: Language Resource Center

Welcome and Our Condolences

cover image Barcode: 58963754 Call Number: Q-NH162 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 30 min. System Requirements: PAL Language: Hebrew Creator: Leon Prudovsky Description: The year is 1991. The beginning of the massive Jewish immigration wave from the USSR to Israel. 12 years old Misha is documenting his family's journey on a home-video camera. The already traumatic immigration experience is enhanced up to absurd proportions, when the family's old aunt dies on the plane just before they reach the land of their ancestors. Now, the family will have to go through various levels of bureaucracy with an immigrating corpse… Collection: Language Resource Center

A Land Without Borders

cover image Barcode: 58963755 Call Number: Q-NH163 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 62 min. System Requirements: PAL Language: Hebrew Creator: Michael Alalu Description: Award-winning writer Nir Baram grew up in a political household. Both his father and grandfather were members of the Knesset and ministers. As Baram begins to lose faith in the possibility of a two-state solution, he decides to travel throughout the West Bank to speak with the local Palestinians and the Israeli settlers. The surprising revelations force Baram to reevaluate his hopes for a peaceful resolution to this conflict. Collection: Language Resource Center


cover image Barcode: 58963756 Call Number: Q-RF154.0005 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 95 min. System Requirements: NTSC, Region 1 DVD Region: Region 1 Language: French Creator: Vincent Paronnaud Marjane Satrapi Description: In 1970s Iran, Marjane ’Marji’ Statrapi watches events through her young eyes and her idealistic family. Their long dream is realized when the hated Shah is defeated in the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Now ruled by Islamic fundamentalists, Marji grows up to witness first hand how the new Iran has become a repressive tyranny on its own. With Marji dangerously refusing to remain silent at this injustice, her parents send her abroad to Vienna to study. This change proves an equally difficult ... Collection: Language Resource Center

El niño pez = The Fish Child

cover image Barcode: 58963758 Call Number: Q-RS474.0001 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 96 min. System Requirements: All regions Language: Spanish Creator: Directed by: Lucía Puenzo Description: "A desperate love story between two young girls of extremely different social backgrounds who, unable to find a place for their love in the world they live in, are pushed to commit a crime." - IMDB Rating Audience (Video Only): BBFC rating: 15 Collection: Language Resource Center

Rocking Popenguine / Poponguine = Ça twiste à Poponguine

cover image Barcode: 58963759 Call Number: Q-RF256 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 95 min. System Requirements: All regions Language: French Creator: Moussa Sene Absa Description: Director Moussa Sene Absa's comedy is set during the weeks before Christmas, 1964, in a seaside village, where the local teenagers are divided into rival cultural camps. The "Ins" (or Inseparables) have adopted the names of French pop stars - Johnny Halliday, Sylvie Vartan, "Clo Clo" and Eddie Mitchell. Their clique attends school, has a female auxiliary, exchanges fervent love poetry - but they don't own a record player. The Kings, on the other hand, style themselves after ... Collection: Language Resource Center

Deutschland 86

cover image Barcode: 58963760 Call Number: Q-GG426 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 462 min. System Requirements: Region 2 Language: German Creator: Florian Cossen, Arne Feldhusen Description: Abandoned by Moscow and desperate for cash, the East German leadership pushes their secret operatives to experiment with global capitalism and save their sinking socialist ship. Long banished to Africa for his sins in 1983, Martin Rauch is now sent back into the field. Collection: Language Resource Center

Modern Arabic Short Stories: An Arabic-English Reader

cover image Barcode: 58963761 Call Number: FR-ARA Alm Material Type: Print Language: Arabic AND English Creator: Ali Almanna Collection: Language Resource Center

Die Weisse Rose = The White Rose

cover image Barcode: 58963763 Call Number: DQ-GG091 Material Type: Video -Digital Time: 123 min. DVD Region: Region 2 Language: German Creator: Michael Verhoeven Description: During the Second World War, a small group of students at Munich University begin to question the decesions and sanity of Germany's Nazi government. The students form a resistance cell which they name the "White Rose" after a newsletter that is secretly distributed to the student body. At first small in numbers and fearful of discovery, the White Rose begins to gain massive support after a Nazi Gauleiter nearly incites a student riot after a provokative speech. At this point, the ... Collection: Language Resource Center

O cavalo da noite

cover image Barcode: 58963748 Call Number: FR-POR Rod Material Type: Print Language: Portuguese Creator: Urbano Tavares Rodrigues ; illustrated by Raffaello Bergonse Collection: Language Resource Center

Missy Magazine: Das Magazin für Pop, Politik und Feminismus

cover image Barcode: 58963749 Call Number: FR-GER Mis Material Type: Print Language: German Creator: Missy Magazine Collection: Language Resource Center

College dictionary, Spanish-English, English-Spanish

cover image Barcode: 58963750 Call Number: Reference Spanish Material Type: Print-Reference Language: Spanish, English Collection: Language Resource Center

Larousse gran diccionario : Inglés-Español, Español-Inglés

cover image Barcode: 58963751 Call Number: Reference Spanish Material Type: Print-Reference Language: Spanish, English Collection: Language Resource Center

Image Before My Eyes : A History of Jewish Life in Poland Before the Holocaust

cover image Barcode: 58963752 Call Number: International Jewry Material Type: Video -Digital Time: 90 min. Language: English Creator: Josh Waletzky Description: Prior to World War II, Jewish Poland was a rich civilization, the largest and most important center for Jewish culture and creativity in the world. This remarkable documentary about Polish Jewry in the decades that preceded the Second World War utilizes a skillful mixture of rare film footage, memorabilia, photographs, music and interviews to portray a rich and varied way of life. The “old world” romanticized in folk literature is made quire treal in this memorable film. The film is about ... Collection: Martin Salinger Resource Collection

Decolonizing Foreign Language Education: The Misteaching of English and Other Colonial Languages

cover image Barcode: 58963737 Call Number: PED-Teaching Methodology Material Type: Print Language: English Creator: Edited by Donaldo Macedo Description: "Decolonizing Foreign Language Education interrogates current foreign language and second language education approaches that prioritize white, western thought. Edited by acclaimed critical theorist and linguist Donaldo Macedo, this volume includes cutting-edge work by a select group of critical language scholars working to rigorously challenge the marginalization of foreign language education and the displacement of indigenous and non-standard language varieties through the reification of ... Collection: Language Resource Center

O Brother Where Art Thou?

cover image Barcode: 58963739 Material Type: Video -Digital Time: 107 min. Creator: Joel Coen Description: In the deep south during the 1930s, three escaped convicts search for hidden treasure while a relentless lawman pursues them. Rating Audience (Video Only): PG-13

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

cover image Barcode: 58963744 Material Type: Video -Digital Time: 121 min. Creator: Yorgos Lanthimos Description: Steven, a charismatic surgeon, is forced to make an unthinkable sacrifice after his life starts to fall apart, when the behavior of a teenage boy he has taken under his wing turns sinister. Rating Audience (Video Only): R