cover image Barcode: 58966205 Call Number: GAME-CHI 005 Material Type: Game Language: Chinese Creator: ShaoLan Description: "Match each Chineasy illustration with its Chinese character, and before you know it you'll have learnt to read 30 Chinese words!" -- on the box Collection: Language Resource Center

Common ground : second language acquisition theory goes to the classroom

cover image Barcode: 58966202 Call Number: PED-Second Language Material Type: Print Language: English Creator: Florencia G Henshaw; Maris D Hawkins Description: “Common Ground is accessible to teachers at all levels yet firmly rooted in current questions of second language acquisition (SLA). One of its primary strengths is the authors themselves, both of whom are accomplished language teachers who understand the challenges and opportunities in communication-focused language teaching. Their experience, expertise, insight, and enthusiasm for language teaching translate into a book that is refreshingly practical for teachers, especially teachers who are ... Collection: Language Resource Center

தமிழ்-தமிழ் : அகராதி = Thamizh-Thamizh : Agarathi = Tamil-Tamil : Dictionary

Barcode: 58966203 Call Number: IL-TAM Man Material Type: Print Language: Tamil Creator: Editorial Board of Manimegala Publication ; Lena Tamilvanan Description: Dictionary of words in Tamil Collection: Language Resource Center


cover image Barcode: 58966204 Call Number: GAME-SPA006 Material Type: Game Language: Spanish Collection: Language Resource Center

The New Earth = Die Tochter des Samurai = Atarashiki tsuchi

cover image Barcode: 58966143 Call Number: V-JPN 084 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 106 Language: German AND Japanese Creator: Directed by Arnold Fanck and Mansaku Itami Description: "A young man returns to Japan from Germany with a girlfriend, but discovers that his family has already chosen a wife for him. After the German woman rejects him, he must make an arduous odyssey through stunning scenery to prevent the Japanese woman from throwing herself into a volcano. Together they settle with their son on newly occupied land in recently conquered Chinese Manchuria." - Library Catalog Collection: Language Resource Center

Kadjike = Sacred Bush

cover image Barcode: 58966140 Call Number: V-POR 103 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 115 min. Language: Portuguese Creator: Directed by Sana Na N'Hada Description: "As in the original paradise, the inhabitants of the Bissagos archipelago, located in the west coast of Africa, live according to ancient traditions and in absolute respect for nature, until a gang of drug dealers occupies their sacred islands. The medicine man dies and everything seems lost, until his young successor decides to fight the invaders to save the village." -- IMDb Collection: Language Resource Center

冈拉梅朵 = Ganglamedo

cover image Barcode: 58966141 Call Number: V-TIB 010.01 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 40 min Language: Tibetan AND Mandarin Creator: Directed by Wei Dai Description: Contains music videos, trailers, interviews, and behind the scenes footage. Collection: Language Resource Center

Strahinja Banovic = As Far as I Can Walk

cover image Barcode: 58966132 Call Number: V-SER 017 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 92 mins Language: English AND Serbo-Croatian Creator: Directed by Stefan Arsenijevic Description: "A re-imagining of a traditional medieval epic in which contemporary African migrants take the place of Serbian national heroes. Urgent and timeless at the same time, the adaptation raises questions about identity, tradition, race and love." - IMDb Collection: Language Resource Center

The Wounds

cover image Barcode: 58966133 Call Number: V-SER 018 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 103 min. Language: Serbo-Croatian Creator: Directed by Srdjan Dragojevic Description: This film follows two Belgrade youths on their rise to gangster legends in a decaying society. Collection: Language Resource Center

Schottenfreude : German Words For The Human Condition

cover image Barcode: 58966134 Call Number: FR-GER Sch Material Type: Print Language: German Creator: Ben Schott Description: "Schottenfreude is a unique, must-have dictionary, complete with newly coined words that explore the idiosyncrasies of life as only the German language can." -- Barnes and Noble Collection: Language Resource Center

L'Amore Molesto

cover image Barcode: 58966135 Call Number: FR-ITA Fer Material Type: Print Language: Italian Creator: Elena Ferrante Description: "Set in Naples, Italy, this debut novel by New York Times bestselling author Elena Ferrante (My Brilliant Friend, The Days of Abandonment) tells a story about mothers and daughters and the complicated knot of lies, emotions, and shared history than binds them." -- Goodreads Collection: Language Resource Center

Giochi d'amore e d'infedeltà

cover image Barcode: 58966136 Call Number: FR-ITA Cop Material Type: Print Language: Italian Creator: Annalisa Coppolaro Description: "While the bookstores are filled with sensational volumes and the scandalous events of divas and playboys conquer the maximum attention, Annalisa Coppolaro does not hesitate to propose plots that derive from everyday life ... In her stories there is a movement of profound fidelity : the theme of fidelity emerges, therefore, as a sort of common thread that links these stories in a unity that is more moral than stylistic." -- From the preface by Roberto Barzanti Collection: Language Resource Center

Gleis 11

Barcode: 58966131 Material Type: Video -Digital Time: 61 min. Language: Turkish AND German Creator: Directed by Çağdaş Yüksel Description: This documentary film is a portrait of the first generation of Turkish immigrants to Germany in the 1960's and 70's and their lives up to the present. Collection: Language Resource Center

Schwarze Adler = Black Eagles

cover image Barcode: 58966121 Material Type: Video -Digital Time: 100 min Language: German AND French AND English Creator: Directed by Torsten Körner Description: "The documentary lets black players of the German national soccer team tell their personal stories for the first time. What road did they take and what obstacles did they have to overcome before they got to where we cheer for them?" -IMDb Collection: Language Resource Center


cover image Barcode: 58966095 Call Number: V-SPA 664 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 15 min Language: Spanish AND English Creator: Written and performed by Josefina Baez ; directed by Claudio Mir Description: "Dominicanish A language created by the awareness of the ordinary; a non linear expression of our non linear life; fragmented stories with a whole heart;particular cadence of a journey; braids made of space, times, memories and possibilities.A performance poem of many. Spanish. English. Dominicanish." -- Google Books Collection: Language Resource Center

Moscow Square : Pictures and Memories

Barcode: 58966090 Call Number: AV-HUN 001 Material Type: Print - Accompanyment Language: Hungarian, English Description: Booklet contains pictures, historical context about the film, and information about the film's reception. Collection: Language Resource Center

Apa = Father

cover image Barcode: 58966091 Call Number: V-HUN 002 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 85 min Language: Hungarian Creator: Directed by István Szabó Description: "A boy in Budapest loses his father in 1945, when he was the age of six. He does not remember much of the father but fantasizes that he performed various heroic feats." - IMDb Collection: Language Resource Center

返校 = Detention

cover image Barcode: 58966092 Call Number: V-CHI 087 Material Type: Video -Blu-ray Time: 102 min. Language: Chinese Creator: Directed by John Hsu Description: "In 1962 Taiwan during the White Terror martial law period, Fang Ray Shin, a female student at the hillside Greenwood High School is attending counseling with teacher Mr. Chang, and they gradually fall in love. It was a dangerous period where sensitive books were banned and free speech was restricted, but Mr. Chang secretly organized a study group for banned books, together with fellow teacher Miss Yin and male student Wei Chong Ting." -IMDb Collection: Language Resource Center

The Legends of Belly Dance (1947-1976)

cover image Barcode: 58966094 Call Number: V-ARA 185 Material Type: Video -DVD Time: 65 min Language: Arabic Description: "This DVD brings together the most prominent belly dancers ever in the scenes that have won them the heart of millions of admirers worldwide. This collection features 16 classic performances by legends such as Tahia Karioka, Samia Gamal, Nagwa Fouad, Soheir Zaki and Fifi Abdou. A must have for all belly dance lovers!" -- Amazon Collection: Language Resource Center

Nishnaabemwin Reference Grammar

cover image Barcode: 58966082 Call Number: Reference Ojibwe Material Type: Print-Reference Language: Ojibwe, English Creator: Randy Valentine Description: "This descriptive reference grammar of Nishnaabemwin (Odawa and Eastern Ojibwe) includes extensive descriptive treatment of phonology, orthography, inflectional morphology, derivational morphology, and major structural and functional syntactic categories" -- WorldCat Collection: Language Resource Center

Eastern Ojibwa-Chippewa-Ottawa dictionary

cover image Barcode: 58966083 Call Number: Reference Ojibwe Material Type: Print-Reference Language: Ojibwe, English Creator: Richard A Rhodes Description: "This dictionary is written for three audiences: first, native speakers of Ojibwa, Chippewa, and Ottawa who would like to have a consistent way to write their language, especially those who are engaged in teaching their language to others; second, students of the Ojibwa, Chippewa, and Ottawa language who need a reference work they can turn to; and finally, the scholarly world in general, particularly Algonquianists and linguists." -- Amazon Collection: Language Resource Center

A dictionary of the Ojibway language

cover image Barcode: 58966084 Call Number: Reference Ojibwe Material Type: Print-Reference Language: Ojibwe, English Creator: Friedrich Baraga; John Nichols Description: "The language of the Ojibway people was recorded by Frederic Baraga (1797-1868), a missionary priest from Slovenia, who was sent in 1835 by the Catholic church to serve among the Ojibway living in the Lake Superior region. The multilingual Baraga quickly learned the Ojibway language and over many years worked within the community to produce a dictionary, a grammar and religious literature. In 1853 the first edition of A Dictionary of Otchipwe Language Explained in English was published. A ... Collection: Language Resource Center

Gechi-piitzijig dbaajmowag = the stories of our elders : a compilation of Ojibwe stories, with English translations

cover image Barcode: 58966085 Call Number: FR-OJI Cor Material Type: Print-Reference Language: Ojibwe, English Creator: Alan Ojiig Corbiere, editor ; translated by Kate Roy and Evelyn Roy Description: "Six stories told in Anishinaabemowin (the Ojibwe language) by six elders, along with English translations. A language resource for students, a tool for teachers, and a collection of cultural knowledge for everyone." -- from the back of the book Collection: Language Resource Center

The Butterfly Mosque

cover image Barcode: 58966086 Call Number: FR-ENG Wil Material Type: Print Language: English Creator: G. Willow Wilson Description: "When G. Willow Wilson -- already an accomplished writer on modern religion and the Middle East at just 27 -- leaves her atheist parents in Denver to study at Boston University, she enrolls in an Islamic Studies course that leads to her shocking conversion to Islam and sends her on a fated journey across continents and into an uncertain future. She settles in Cairo, where she teaches English and submerges herself in a culture based on her adopted religion. And then she meets Omar, a ... Collection: Language Resource Center


cover image Barcode: 58966087 Call Number: FR-ENG Sto Material Type: Print-Graphic Novel Language: English Creator: Bram Stoker ; Fernando Fernández Description: "An award-winning Spanish artist offers a chilling, full-color rendition of Stoker's classic horror novel about the rampage of master vampire Dracula." -- Amazon Collection: Language Resource Center